About Me

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I am an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Ferrum College, a small liberal arts college in Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge. I earned my Ph.D. in Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity from Marquette University in 2014, and I live in Roanoke with my family.

The focus of my research is on early Christian literature, but with an emphasis on “apocryphal” or “non-canonical” texts (i.e., texts that were important to early Christians but for a variety of reasons were not included in the New Testament). I have a particular interest in a text called the Protevangelium of James (also known as the Protevangelium Iacobi or the Proto-Gospel of James), which is a collection of stories about the birth and childhood of Mary the mother of Jesus. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on this text, and later published it as a book with Bloomsbury T&T Clark.

At Ferrum College I teach a range of courses related to religion and biblical studies. Much of my teaching responsibilities are aimed at helping students fulfill their liberal arts core requirements. Each semester I offer sections of Literature of the Old Testament (REL 112) and Literature of the New Testament (REL 113).

I also offer a range of upper-level elective courses, including American Gods, Religion in Film, Studies in the Gospel, Life and Letters of Paul, Jesus and His Afterlives,  Biblical Archaeology, Religion in America, Prophetic Literature, Non-Canonical Literature, Historical Jesus, and Biblical Greek.

At present I am at work on three book projects. The first, under contract with Fortress Press, is a reception history of the Matthean Magi, entitled The Magi: Who They Were, How They’ve Been Remembered, and Why They Still Fascinate. This book will be published in Fall 2022. The second is an edited volume (co-edited with Dr. Christy Cobb) on “Sex, Violence, and Early Christian Texts.” This book will also be published in Fall 2022 and is under contract with Lexington Books . The third is an edited volume entitled Judeophobia and the New Testament: Texts, Contexts, and Pedagogy. This book (co-edited with Dr. Sarah Rollens and Dr. Meredith JC Warren) is under contract with Eerdmans Publishing and will be published at some point in 2023.

(updated 8 August 2022)